Workshops - Junior

Have you wondered what it’s really like working as a model in the industry? 
Wish you could get some one-on-one posing & runway instruction from a professional? 

If you said a resounding “YES!” to all the above then why don’t you come and take part in our Model Workshop? You don’t need to have professional experience as our team of female trainers and models have you covered. They will train you in runway, posing and dish out a few model tips and tricks along the way. Check out the video below to see what you can expect on the day! Got more questions? Head to the FAQs at the bottom of this page.

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Overview: 1 day training session
Female head trainer (who holds a DCSI)
Female model lecturers
Photographic modelling & posing
Runway & backstage
Industry insights
One-on-one feedback from trainers 
Total cost of workshop: $490

Frequently Asked Questions

Can parents stay for the workshop? 
The participants are dropped off and picked up for the training. Rest assured it’s a lock-in situation and the girls can't leave.
What if my daughter is a little shy?
Our caring staff are skilled at encouraging the girls to give their best, whilst ensuring they’re having fun and feel 100% comfortable.
Will my daughter be eligible for modelling work with Pride Models?
By taking part in the workshop and the fashion shoot with Pride, your daughter’s images will be held in our database and if a modelling brief comes in that she is suitable for, we will send her images to the client. It’s important to note that there are no guarantees that paid modelling work will be a result and just like sport, some participants have more natural talent than others. 
Are Pride based in any other cities?
Yes, we are also based in Melbourne and work with affiliate agencies all over Australia and internationally.  

Do participants need any modelling experience?
No, none of the participants taking part have any prior experience and you are all learning at the same level for your age group. 

What do I wear and bring?
Once you have booked in, you will be sent a comprehensive list via email. 

Where are the activities held? 
Our workshops are held in Stepney. Once your booking has been secured, all further details will be sent via email.

Do the staff hold a working with children check? 
Our female photographer is also the head trainer at the workshop and holds a DSCI working with children check. All staff are female and we only represent females.

Something not answered here?
Email us at [email protected]